Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Bug

Love bug?

No, I'm only a bug
Act all strong on the outside,
With proud and arrogance
I fly around and walk with my 6 feet
I don't bother even a disaster
Never care less even of any danger

Hey, I'm a bug
I'm adorable as a ladybird,
I'm fast as a cockroach

Hey, I'm a bug
I do not have to worry a thing
Not being squashed
Or even to be mashed
Cause I'm small and tiny
And I have my exoskeleton to protect me

Yes, I'm a proud bug
That I do not see
The misery ahead of me

Now, I'm alone
My exoskeletons are gone
My antennas tingling
My feet moving
But I'm dying

Because my exoskeletons are gone